April 5, 2012

What if you could rent your body — basically go to sleep for a day or a week, while another person’s consciousness “lived” inside of your body, skiing, skydiving, or skipping through fields — for big, big bucks? No way, right? What a creepy thought…

Well, what if your parents were dead and your little brother was sick… really, really sick, and the only way to save him was go on into Prime Destinations and rent yourself out to a stranger?

That’s the basic premise behind Lissa Price’s fantastic YA thriller, STARTERS. In this excellently-drawn dystopia, there are only “starters” — young people — and “enders,” very old people, some of whom have celebrated over two hundred birthdays. Why? When a recent war went biological, there was only enough serum to vaccinate the old and the young…

The book jumps straight into the thick of things, the first scene taking us straight to the uber-creepy Prime Destinations, where the likeable main character, Callie, is understandably skeeeeeeeved, talking to the old “enders”, who, in there power and hunger and basic chilliness, come off as something like vampires. The writing is great without drawing attention to itself, and the story rolls along smoothly — despite its excellent plotting, amazing twists, and an ending you’ll never see coming.

STARTERS is a fantastic thrill ride sure to please both teens and adults, from readers who love action to readers who love mystery to readers who love mind-blowing creativity. This is a can’t-miss read!

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