Adam Browne’s Collection “OTHER STORIES” AND OTHER STORIES Now Available!

February 5, 2014

Science fiction and fantasy fans: my favorite spec fic storyteller, excellent friend, and frequent coauthor, Australian Adam Browne, has a new short story collection out today! Adam’s won a bunch of awards, is the critically-acclaimed author of the stellar novel PYROTECHNICON, and is an all-around great guy, one of my favorite people on the planet.

His new collection, “OTHER STORIES” AND OTHER STORIES, also features his incredible illustrations — and “The Laughing Girl of Bora Fanong”, a story we wrote together… my favorite of our several coauthored tales, for what it’s worth. It’s quite different from my thrillers. It’s a sci fi story about a coroner on Venus, written in the style of W. Somerset Maugham, or so we like to think.

Adam’s stories are wildly creative and beautifully written, challenging yet rewarding. No one is his equal in imagery and wordplay. Oh yeah, and he has cool endings.

His collection is available in print from Amazon, where I just ordered mine (Prime-eligible, baby!) or on B&N, and is available both as print and eBook from his publisher here.

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